My Role at Al Baraka Bank Al Barakat Advertisement

Spent like a whole day fimling for this! The most interesting part of the filming when I splashed water over the filming crew with Range Rover car I was driving in a scene that was cut from the advertisement!

Enjoy the Ad 🙂

Red Coin

“Keep your red coin for a black day”

A red coin goes on a journey and ends up in the hands of a middle class employee who’s struggling from all the loans and life’s expenses that surround him.

Genre Comedy, Drama, Social
Studio Elements Cine Productions
Plot Outline After travelling from one person to another, a red coin ends up in the hands of moneyless Farid, a middle class employee who is trying to reach the bank to take another loan on his record to be able to enroll his daughter at school. With all the pressures from his wife, his boss, his landlord, Farid ends up having quite a journey to achieve his goal.
Starring Qasim Al Khuzaei
Directed By Fadi Tannous
Written By Fadi Tannous
Screenplay By Fadi Tannous
Produced By Elements Cine Productions
Contact Info Website
Created August 2012
Release Date August 2013

And here is the full film!

FujiFilm Imagine-X by TripleW.ME: The Family

Imagine X (The X Series)

What is the Imagine X project? It’s a series of five creative short films from around the Middle East, presented by the X Series cameras from FujiFilm.

In the first film of the Imagine X short film series, Bahrain-based filmmaker Shereen Shaltout creates this light-hearted story inspired by the entire family of the X Series Cameras.

One man’s heart and mind are set on a different kind of family. Watch the film and let us know what you think!

Directed by Shereen Shaltout.

EWA Bahrain Water Conservation PSM 2010 by Elements Cine Productions

A publicity I took part in as a father trying to get a decent beard cut but water stops flowing in all in a sudden.

This publicity was commissioned by the Electricity & Water Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain, produced by Cine Productions & directed By Saleh Nass.

EWA Bahrain Water Conservation PSM 2010 from Elements Cine Productions on Vimeo.