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My Role at Al Baraka Bank Al Barakat Advertisement

Spent like a whole day fimling for this! The most interesting part of the filming when I splashed water over the filming crew with Range Rover car I was driving in a scene that was cut from the advertisement!

Enjoy the Ad 🙂

FujiFilm Imagine-X by TripleW.ME: The Family

Imagine X (The X Series)

What is the Imagine X project? It’s a series of five creative short films from around the Middle East, presented by the X Series cameras from FujiFilm.

In the first film of the Imagine X short film series, Bahrain-based filmmaker Shereen Shaltout creates this light-hearted story inspired by the entire family of the X Series Cameras.

One man’s heart and mind are set on a different kind of family. Watch the film and let us know what you think!

Directed by Shereen Shaltout.