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Now member of the Joint External Advisory Board of the College of IT and Engineering, Ahlia University

Ahlia_University-logo-0C240AE4B7-seeklogo.comI was chosen by Ahlia University’s Management to be a member of the  Joint External Advisory Board of the College of IT and Engineering, being one of three Alumni members of the committee.

As a graduate of that college with a Bachelors in Mobile & Network Engineering, and as the 3rd President of the Students Council and once an employee of the University’s Administration, along with receiving Technical positions in the job market, then commercial roles and now I  becoming a Director of Q&A Advisory that I am opening along with my father, Ahlia University asked me to join the Joint External Advisory Board for the sake of improving the currently praised performance of the College, where the University’s is aiming at brining out innovative talents in the field of IT for the internal and external jobs market, along with emphasising on the importance on the importance of innovative entrepreneurship in the field of IT.

I hope that I the outcome of my membership in this board would be for the benefit of the students of Ahlia University in particular & the Bahraini IT Students in general. May God bless all.

More of what I am planning to do can be found here at this link.

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