1 day left :-(

The finals R on the doors. We start on Wednesday and only the lord knows how things will go. I’ll start w/ a visual basic test, then Java, then Internet Technology, Models of computing ending w/ The English IV…

We have not been given time 2 revise, and I am working on my Java project @ THIS VERY TIME! I am suppose 2 go 2morrow 2 college but NO WAY, I HAVE A FINAL ON WED AND I AM STAYING @ HOME 2 REVISE!!!

Anywayz, wish me luck. It doesn’t seem easy this time… No time, no time!!! 2 much pressure lately… May God help us all!


UCB denies a 3rd year student the right to attend classes!

Stravinsky’s Sizzlin’ Shack: UCB denies a 3rd year student the right to attend classes!

Well, read this, and get 2 know how sweet my University is! UI never THOUGHT that such university would ever DO such a thing alike… I am not talking about dening a 3rd year student the right to attend classes, but the reason 4 that: HE SAID THE TRUTH, NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!!

The age of “development” here in Bahrain… This is how things develop here!


… Studying studying studying…

Darn! Exams R REALLY close… Studying full-time and that’s not enough… 1 Doc wants a website, another wants a JAVA program and another wants me 2 make a presentation about Sony Inc.! All that along w/ studying, quizzes and assignments that never end… Er7amo man fil ar’9 yar7amokom man fil sama2!!! I really wonder why they R doing all this 2 us… Can’t they remember how much they suffered when they were @ our age, or it’s just that “passing-2-the-next-generations” thingy???? If I become a teacher I would NEVER do such alike… Some pressure is good BUT NOT THIS WAY! And even if U do them the best of what U can do, it is still not enough: a mistake here, a bad design style there and like everything I did and all the time I wasted is like NOTHING. 1 get really pissed off something like this!
Well good night every1, I don’t have much time 2 sleep either. I have 2 wake up 2 continue this “endless-circle”…