Do we have a Turkish-Mafia here in Bahrain????

Well, I was wondering about that. I am sure about NOTHING… But I remember tha few years ago Akhbar Al-Khaleej was abput 2 publich an atricle about the Turks here in Bahrain, but 4 some reason the press took an order @ 5 am 2 stop publishing the article w/ the newspaper and the space was filled w/ an adv.

The death of the 12 year old kid because of something he ate in a Turkish Restuarent was denied by the Minstry of Health, as it said that the reason was, as the mother said, “Eating 5bz met3affen”!!! (?) and the milk they drank’t in the restaurent “helped the bacteria grow, but not a reason of poinsoning the family” (?)…

Well, we live in a strange Island, Rn’t we???


A Very Happy Birthday…

Hey all, 2day is Silvo’s B-day! Wish her a VERY happy birthday, best of luck & lots of success in life!!! She’d been a great friend of mine and she deserves it! (Wanna tell them how old U R now Silvo, or keep that 2 some other time? 😛 )

If I was away from the motherland, sure I would want ppl from home 2 contact me and remind me how cool our hot summer is, and how sweet the sea-water of my country tastes 😉

Anywayz,,, I g2g now, got 2 go pray and start typying the meeting’s minutes… Plus the University (Ms. A7lam is specific) wants me 2 change the cover of my paper 2 include the logo of the University and some other stuff… Good day!


AU-SC Elections War… Part 3: Signing the peace treaty…

Operation: The last Stand

I won… But 2 many casulties occured in our lines… The ONLY survivours were me and a girl… Both of us were not able of dig our way up… And there were elements from the Eastern Camp couldn’t make it 2… The results were ABSOLOTLY surprizing, NO 1 expected such candidates 2 take a seat in the Council!!!

And despite the great loses our group sustained, we were SO happy of the results, because simply the elections resulted in the downfall of the Easter Camp and faded the Western Camp dominance over the Univerty’s Students… Actually NO 1 WOULD EVER THINK those 2 camps would lose their powers just like this!!! 3 months ago I would pay half of the moeny I had 4 that 2 happen!!!!! 😛



How is my blog doing guys???

Yesterday I asked a girl about my blog, and she said it was BORING! I asked her how can I make it better then? She replied: well write about me! 😛 So simply here I am writing about “her” – and not mentioning her name as she requested, 5ayfa 3ala som3atha! 😛 – I hope she finds my blog more interesting now!

I wonder how U find my Blog ppl! Post comments ranking my blog, and telling me what I need in order 2 improve it!

W/ great thanx in advance!


Cosmos 1 Mission Ends Before It Begins

da story ova here

It’s hard 4 1 2 take… U launch a multi-million thing into the space and after a minute and a half U lose it. Darn! That’s worse than my old experiments in making paper-planes (in the old’old days! 😛 ), but I feel really sorry 4 those who worked day and night 2 make something alike and lose it in a blink… Hard luck guys!!! Better luck next time! That’s all what we can offer 2 U…


When the holiday starts, and the sun burns Ur skin…

We all know the “nice and trendy” weather of Bahrain: Cool breaze, great tempretures, and a nice warm sun! OK, reality says something else, I was just thinking of that Bahamas Island pic I have on the wall of my room 😛

And as we allllllll agree on that U can’t get bored here in Bahrain: lots and lots of places 2 go 2 @ day time and even more @ night… (Well maybe night part is true though, but “it’s not 4 us” 😛 ) and the situation gets even better and better when U take a summer course and have 2 drive all the way in this hot, burning sun @ noon, and it gets worse and worse when U get 2 work part-time… Well God help me, and help us all… Life isn’t easy, and 1 must have the soul of a warrior 2 get through it…

Anywayz, why all the trouble and 3awar rass of life? 1 won’t “get alive out of it 😀 “