Internet Crisis… Again and again and again!!!

It seems that the “crisis(es) in the Middle East” never end… And this 1 is 1 of them!

Something went “totally wrong” w/ my Internet connection. I was not able 2 get online 4 2 darn weeks… And all that beside my temporary job @ MTC (as a novice Tele-Engineer, yeah babe! :-P) I was completely “isolated” from “da CyBer world!”, and the “dear 1” was always playing that “blame it on Batelco, my dear friend”. I did not have the chance 2 access my mail box 4 like 13 days, even my GMail inbox was full (that’s a lie).

Well, it goes as it comes: no guarantee that this will not happened again. The true problem is that when U discover Ur connection is not working and U don’t have a car (@ the service, “claiming” that they R working on it), and U got an important e-mail from Ur Committees’ members or even the University’s President, then it wouldn’t be nice 2 get a CARS or even riding w/ an old man who didn’t shave 4 like a month in his old stinky pick-up full of Indians 2 reach the nearest access point 2 the “Great Information Highway”, where U finally get 2 get Ur e-mail…

Life!!! What else can I say?! God help us w/ it…


Training Camp: Day 7

(The publishing of this article was delayed several times due 2 censorship & security matters, along with fears of spreading sensitive information...)

D Plus 5: In addition 2 the usual patrols we used 2 have from time 2 time in the past 4 days, there was nothing else 2 do. Enemy lines were far enough 2 prevent us from facing any enemy force. The most useful thing we did was reading newspapers and chatting about where we came from… We asked Col. Youssef 2 assign us some missions 2 do, but he said all the missions available R of degree A & B, no C 4 beginners like us, he said.

The Department decided 2 take us in a tour in 1 of the RAs (Restricted Areas) where the “beating heart” of MTC is… If we considered the HQ as the “brain”, the MSCs R the “hearts” of MTC. If the heart is down… EVERYTHING ELSE is down. Believe me, 1nce they’re down, MTC will be nothing but biting the dust 😛 That’s why we were taken, followed by a well armed personnel, 2 a place “few floors (…) underground”, in a place only few know about it’s existence, due 2 the natural terrain of the Camp.

Finally, We’re there! After a sercurity check after a security check, we were allowed in. When the door opened, I thought 4 a second that we were in a science-fiction movie or where the “Metal Gear” was stored: a very cold place w/ huge machine (…) . Endless buzz and teets! Lights here and lights there! U could feel the heart beats of this place, (…) all what U need is just some orchestra music 2 make U open Ur jaws endlessly! DARN! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! 😀 machines there were (…) . Darn! If Batelco saw this… Yes! Top Secret! Can’t say more!



I’m back… On track!

I’ve been busy lately: Buying my mum a new PC, getting back my beloved Laptop, setting up a wireless network 4 the house, writting reports and spending 8 hours in a highly security building 8 hours a day 😛 (The details R yet 2 come!) oh! I still have 2 “assemble” my mum’s PC. That’s OK, mum can wait 😛

C ya veeeeeery soon! 😉


Training Camp: Day 1

M minus 30: I rushed out carring my things 2 the Black Hawk that was waiting 3 me outside. I told the pilot 2 hurry up but he told me not 2 worry, he’ll get me there on time. And he bet me w/ 30 bucks that we’ll reach destination T-20! I hopped in, and we flew away from the base.

M minus 24: Woooooow! We’re there! He’s a good pilot!!! The sky was bright and the weather was perfect! Luck helped that pilot much!!! I think I should give a reccomendation 2 get him promoted. He’s a good’old man! 😛

M minus 23: I got into the camp. The waiting lines were FULL, and I – Stf Sgt. Qasim – met Stf Sgt. Erika and Stf Sgt. Holy… We’re all from the same Corp: AU312, but different Companies… There was suppose 2 be another Sergeant, but non was found 2 cover his place.

M minus 11: We were finally able of registering our names. Our Platoon was consisting of about 25 GIs, most are females; which got me surprized big time: me, along 3 OTHERS were the only “males” in this Platoon (!) Yes! We were completly “outnumbered” by girlz! Well, that wasn’t a problem 2 me @ all!!
The Captin has finally arrived… Atttttttttentttttttttttion!

M plus 13: The briefing room::
We were guided 2 a briefing room, where Cpt. Yasser talk 2 us about our training program 4 the next 59 days. “Ur training here will be mainly about what U trained on the past couple of years” he said. “U R 2 aquire knowlege and experince throughout this extensive program inwhich U havn’t gained b4. The rules and regulations of this base is STRICT… We want no 1 2 be late, undastooood??? “YES SIR!”

Then the Captin asked every1 of us the name, rank and division he/ she came from. When my turn came, and I mentioned Mobile Phone Technology he was surprized that 1 of the enlisted 1s had such a Major. “What Crop did U come from, my son?” “AU312, Sir!” “Do they have such a thing like that over there?” “Yes Sir, a few years ago, Sir!” “Good! We’ll need men like U! Make sure 2 “tbay’9 wejehne!!!” WOOOOOOW! I was happy then! A captin trusts me @ the 1st glance! Darn! That’s my lucky day! I was told I can gurantee my seat when do a pretty good job here. I was thinking that it can be my ticket 2 become such a reputable Officer!!!

H plus 1 M plus 6: The Captin ended his presentation and we stood 4 a memorial picture, as the training patch of 2005. A nice breakfast buffet was ready 4 us in the food court. Good I didn’t have breakfast @ the Mother Base 😛

H plus 1 M plus 44: A tour was arranged within the Base 2 show every1 the place he/she will be working at. Everything seemed ol’right until we reached my section, The Networking Devision @ the Underground Level 3… When the Commander, Lt. Col. El-Ba7arna heard my Major, his looks changed and started – 2 what seemed 2 me – thinking: OK boy, we’ll C what that MPT&C will do 2 U ova here!!!” The place seemed like a “nurds’ Camp House” every1 was on his Sdesk, facing those LCD screens, and not so happy. The IT Devision wasn’t even better, unlike the other Sections of the Base.

H plus 2 M plus 33: We were dismissed… 2morrow we start “the real show”, but it seemed that 2day I was the star of the mini-show of Majors we started. Black Widdow (The Black Hawk I was talking about @ the beggining) arrived M plus 31 of the 1st call. I recieved a call from Fionna b4 she gets on the Airplane 4 a mission. I wished her troo7 wo terja3 bil salama.

*Mission Successfully Accomplished*

— End of Transmission —

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