My days in Syria!

I finally found a cyber-cafe (I am calling it so because they gave me a complementary cup of tea 😛 ) so I’ll be able of checking my mail and write something in my blog. And here I am!
Well, same’ol same’ol Syria… I’ve been coming here since 1994, and guess what: except 4 the Mobile service and the Internet cafe’s here NOTHING REALLY CHANGED. Some new cars here some new hotels over here, but the same taxi cars w/ the same “wain bedak ya m3alim” drivers, along w/ the same un-fixed roads w/ the same… In short: everything is the same!

Including the “Sayde Zainab” that has the same “rubbish” in the same wet dirty road that leads U 2 1 of the most famous places here in Syria 4 religious tourism. It is strange how ppl down here don’t care about this place although of it’s religious importance. Neither the government nor the ppl. I wonder how they can live here!!! I couldn’t stay 4 a couple of days even in their best apartments and finest rooms. As long as they have demand they don’t care about anything else!

Anywayz, I finished my tea and my hour started running short. Anywayz if I saw anything interesting and got the chance 2 access my blog again I’ll sure write some stuff here. Wish ya a nice evening!


I’m gonna miss U guys…

2day I finished my work w/ MTC. Actually my “Industrial Training” contract expired 2day and I’m officially done w/ MTC…

I had wonderful days there. I wish I could stay more there. I disliked the idea of going back 2 college (staying there & getting paid a couple of hundred of dinars is a better idea 4 sure 😛 ). I really loved the guys working there. I learned a lot from them and they didn’t object the noise me and the other trainees did while working 😛 Talking about the trainees, I learned a lot from them 2. Although “some” (they know themselves 😛 ) started making comments on every move I make and every word I speak (worry not, I returned back every word they said about me >:-) ), they notified me about some small mistakes I used 2 be doing w/out feeling though, and we became best friends then 😉

Whatever I say, I will not be able of paying U back. I learned a lot and I can’t describe what I felt during those days. It was a mixture of fun, hard work, responsibility, with little of boredom sometimes and little upset. But in the end the cake that was baked is 1 of the best of what I tasted in my life…

2 those guys in the NOC, Radio, Alarms, BSS & NSS, Roaming, VAS & the other sections @ MSC-2. 2 those behind-the scenes. 2 those soldiers who make MTC Network up w/out being famous or widely-known. If the Head Office is down somehow MTC can live 4 a few days. If the “heart” goes down a mobile-blackout of MTC Network. Working day & night 2 make sure nothing wrong happens. We really should bow w/ respect 2 those who R working tirelessly 2 bring us such excellent services, and 2 those who taught us stuff about life we wouldn’t learn somewhere else. Thank U!

(Who is carrying out food orders after I left guys? 😛 and don’t forget 2 change Yum Yum Tree’s account name & telephone from mine 2 some1 else!! )

I’ll never forget U ppl, and I’m gonna miss U guys. Farewell…


Good news… Bad news

The good news R that I am finally having my vication, as I’ll be in Amman the day after 2morrow!

All this work in MTC will end by 2morrow (but feeling kinda sad 4 that 🙁 it’s better than College 😛 😛 ), and also delaying all the work 4 the TL Committee until University opens 1nce again… Yapee! 😛

But the bad news R that I won’t be able 2 post stuff here ’till I’m back. Internet services R not as popular there as we have it here (every 2 steps U find an “Internet Shop” run by a couple of Indians 4 low-cost IP Internet calls) and thier connection sucks (I remember last year I had 2 wait 4 5 minutes 2 have my old Hotmail open using a special proxy because they don’t allow Hotmail there (!) )

So.. Will U miss me ppl??? 😛 hoping so 😛 😛

I’ll try my best… But I ain’t promising ya w/ anythin’!!! Wish ya’ nice day!!


How we R doing w/ America

Bahrain Gateway is a web site I found earlier this morning that talks about Bahrain from a pure American prospective. Although it’s held by Office of the Economic Representative of Bahrain. It shows strong relations between Bahrain & the United States, more that just logistic military aid…

“Politically, Bahrain has lent consistent support to the United States. In defense and security matters, Bahrain is a major non-NATO ally and has served the US Navy for some 50 years at Mina Sulman, current home to the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet.”

Major non-NATO ally… That’s big! It’s not been said 2 any other country in the region even 2 Saudia in the Gulf War period.

“Bahrain is a dependable and longstanding U.S. business partner in an unstable region.”
– Bill ReinschPresident – National Foreign Trade Council
“… The United States Navy has made Bahrain its headquarters for activity in the Persian Gulf”

We all know that, 4 sure 😛

“Bahrain and the United States signed a Defense Cooperation Agreement in October 1991 granting U.S. forces access to Bahraini facilities and ensuring the right to pre-position material for future crises. Currently the headquarters of the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet, the U.S. designated Bahrain a Major Non-NATO Ally in October 2001.”


My name is Bond… James Bond B-)

Yup! That’s what our beloved agent said when that lovely girl asked him 4 his name. Although he’s suppose 2 be a secret agent, but he keeps telling his name 2 everyone. And each time they hear his name they want 2 do nothing but taking him and shred his body into pieces.

When I was watch “The Spy Who Loved Me” I realized that nothing can make a 007’s movie successful these days but those beautiful ladies that he get them “charmed” by I-don’t-know-what and he manages 2 grasped them between his arms even if they were on the enemy’s side and even if they intend 2 get him poisoned or shot. Strange, isn’t it?! Well, it’s a James Bond movie, nevertheless.

And the end? Oh yes, the great women-charmer comes 2 destroy the male-enemy and blow up his base while Bond is confessing his love 2 those who he charmed. End of the movie. Change the channel!


Anonymous Attack???

Recently a number of anonymous comments had been posted on some of my articles. They all had complimentary content in addition 2 an ad 4 a commercial / religious website. Those comments are generated randomly and bulkily. I wonder who place them here and how? I started getting nervous about these ads. I simply can’t stop them!

I wonder if any1 is suffering the same problem and/or was able of solving it, and is there a way I can prevent them from “popping” up in my blog 1nce again???

With thanx in advance!


“R U a Saudi?”

This is what I got exposed 2 in the last few weeks that made me stunned:

  • A girl setting beside me reading a newspaper in the University’s Coffee shop. “I heard Universities in Saudia R good. R they???” “Well, I heard KFUPM is really good, but I have no clue about the rest”. “OK”, she replied. “Do U have Universities there in Al-Qasseem area???” “I don’t know. I have noooooooo idea!!!”. She looked @ me w/ a strange look. “Why??? Rn’t U a Saudi???” :- “WHAT?! ME??? SAUDI??? Where on God’s earth did U get such an idea alike???” She put the newspaper down and said “Well, U look like 1 of them!! Really, Rn’t U???” Finally her friend convinced her that I am a Bahraini, not a Saudi…

  • A Saudi girl study w/ me in the Statistics class. She was talking w/ me in enthusiasm and excitement. “From what area in Saudi did U come from???” “I am a Bahraini Lulwa!” “Oh! I thought U were Saudi!! Sorry!”
  • A Saudi guy in the 1st Scientific Seminar of Leadership blah blah blah ( a very long title, can’t remember it all ) asked me: R U from Al-Ryadh? I smiled him back and asked “Why?”, he said “because U have a Ryadhi’s gouty! R U from there??”

Do I really look like a Saudi??? Please feed back me @ the comments section (and in case U didn’t C me b4 take a look @ my pic in my profile 😉 ). I remember when I was a kid ppl used 2 tell me that I look like an Egyptian, now they tell me that I look much like a Suadi. God knows what they will say 2morrow 😛


Touching the “hot spots”

Uncovering the covered

A must read – 1 of the MOST important articles I’ve read in the past few weeks. A professional report by the BBC on “How teenagers and 2days youth live” in every aspect of their lives: emotional, futuristic, cultural, and concentrates MOSTLY on the affect of the “westernisation” in the Middle East society…

VERY … Jareeeeee2!!!!!!


If U were of that traditional-type, I advice U not 2 read it, or call 911 already 😛

I think every1 should read it.

Thanx 2 SBG’s Blog 4 such a reference.

😛 Dedicated 2 our dear parliament members who “would ykafrooneh and call it backwarded, mofsid lil a5la8 and a way 2 get controlled by the west”…

But I say 2 them, that’s the truth, whether they accept it or not, whether they C it vivid or not, whether U ACCEPT IT OR NOT, dear MPs! That’s the reality, LIVE IT!



… Nope. It’s not the name of a new singer, nor a movie star…

It’s the name of the nuclear bomb that was used over Nagasaki, Japan by the US in WWII. The day my grandmother died, (God rest her soul in peace) was the anniversary of which “FAT MAN” was thrown over Nagasaki.

In the memory of a the last nuclear weapon used, and inshalla the last 2 be used on Earth…


God mercy Ur soul, Grandmother…

My Grandmother used 2 have health problems since I came 2 this world, as she wasn’t able of walking w/out the help of that medical thing (w/ those 4 metallic legs) and had a strict diet. She used 2 be very kind w/ me and she used 2 give me chocolates & chips when I used 2 visit her @ her house. 8 years ago, she went 2 Egypt 4 physiotherapy along w/ her regular visits 2 I.H.B . Her health condition was getting worse and worse w/ time. 4 months ago she had a heart attack that she survived and stayed 4 like a month in the hospital. She had another 1 shortly after leaving the hospital. This morning @ 5 am, she had the 3rd heart attack that put an end 2 her life…

The last time I visited her in the hospital she didn’t seem fine @ all… I knew her days were numbered and it’s only a matter of time b4 her soul goes up in the heavens.

I woke up this morning as usual 2 prepare myself 4 work when my I found the house completely empty. And while I was putting my clothes on I received a call dad saying that Ur grandma is in a bad condition (@ that moment I knew she died ’cause it’s dad’s way of saying 2 others that some1 died). I was kinda expecting this and was capable of keeping my feelings under control. But when I saw my parents (especially mum) I felt a great amount of sadness and anger, as if the world “became dark and sad”. We (dad and I) went 2 the mattam and gathered up w/ other members of the family. We started carrying my grandma’s body 2 the grave yard, we passed by her Mattam (banat sayed na9er). Until that moment, I had control of about 60% of my feelings, but when I heard the shouts and cries of those women I was (that close) 2 break down… Darn! They REALLY cut my heart into tiny little pieces!!! Then we completed our way 2 the grave yard where we 9alayna 3alayha and buried her. Everybody was sad, really sad. When I used 2 go 2 mattam 2 a33azzee nas they don’t get that sad. But 2day was different: every1 was sad, every1 was looking @ the ground w/ eyes filled w/ tears…

(……………) I had other things in mind 2 say but I think they suddenly “pooofed” of my mind.

Finally, she was the only grandmother/ grandfather I had alive. I was born w/ only a grandmother as the rest rest in peace. God mercy Ur soul grandmother, a mother of 12 sons and daughters and even more of those whom U didn’t deliver…

Anywayz, we all gonna die 1 day, won’t we?!