A true joke!!! :-D

This is REAL! Happend 10 years ago to the USS LINCOLN Aircraft Carrier… Read the rest!

***Change your course now!!***

This is the transcript of an actual radio conversation of a US naval ship with Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in October, 1995.

Radio conversation released by the Chief of Naval Operations on November 10, 1995.

Americans: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the North to avoid a collision.

Canadians: Recommend you divert YOUR course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.

Americans: This is the Captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert YOUR course.

Canadians: No. I say again, you divert YOUR course.


Canadians: This is a lighthouse. Your call.

😀 Hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Truly stupid!!! If I were the the Captain I would have resigned right after that!! 😛

Leave you in God’s care!


Tonight I had nothing to do and my dad was in a friend’s house. When he got back he proposed me to go to Riffa just for a change. I agreed and got into the car and started chatting with each other about college & other stuff…

When we reached Riffa we noticed that “Ramadan’s Festival” done by the Southern Governorate. Big tents with people around it buying stuff, others selling food & sweets, and children playing & running all over the place.

My dad & I decided to get into those tents to see what was going on. The moment we reached the door of the first tent a Yemeni guy stood in front of us with a face empty of emotions and a big moustache saying: “THIS IS ONLY FOR FAMILIES”. I got offended!!! My dad took it easily but my face’s expressions changed. DO I & DAD LOOK LIKE WE WANNA FLIRT INSIDE OR SOMETHING? Or is that area ruled by Saudi Arabia & he’s one of those “Al Amer Bil Ma3roof wal nahy 3an el monker”???? Who would ever THOUGHT Bahrain would end up like that one day?!?!?! Anyways, my dad tried to make it easy for me: “Worry not my son! We’ll try another door!” And he went to the other door where he explained to the other Yemeni guy that we came alone and we didn’t know about that “families” (with two fingers down! 😛 ) and we’ll be grateful if he let us in! He looked right & left and let us in! My blood presser got normal again! The only things in were either clothes, more clothes, baby clothes, women sleeping clothes, beauty stuff, kitchen stuff, dinning room stuff, spices… etc (mainly things for the bed room & the kitchen; women specialties stuff!! 😛 ) Minutes after we headed out as we didn’t find anything of our interest 😉

Well, I REALLY wish that what we encountered was due to the area of where the exhibition was located, not a change in the policies of our current “Family Tourism” (as our Saudi friends call it in their country), so that if you don’t have a girlfrie… Ooops I mean a wife, mother sister or a daughter you are not allowed to go in!

May God be in our aid!

… More junk food!!!

We all know Burgers, hotdogs, pizzas and the rest of the long list of junk food has it’s own magic on a great sector of people. We thought maybe it’s because of the sauce, or the mayonaise we all like, but we NEVER thought that these foods might have “magical” substences within…

Jackson Finds a New Home in Bahrain!!!

To end the rumors: Jackson Finds a New Home in Bahrain – By Los Angeles Times

OK, so Jackson is here, the one who was hated in America – because of being acquitted on child sex abuse charges in June – decided to stay here in Bahrain, in his “his permanent home”

“He’s looking much better. He’s with his children, and he’s moving on in life,” Mesereau said. “He’s living permanently in Bahrain. He has friends there who have been very loyal and helpful to him in a difficult period of his life.”

“He has been living in a palace owned by Prince Abdulla bin Hamen Al Khalifa, the son of Bahrain’s King Hamad and a long-time friend of Jackson’s brother Jermaine.”

Well, I wouldn’t be surprized if the goverment presented the Bahraini Nationality to such guy… O’well… Welcome to the Kingdom of Bahrain! 😛

God’s care with you all…

Mahmood’s Letter to Me

This evening I received a letter from Mahmood (the owner of Mahmood’s Den). In the letter he said that “I like your blog and read it whenever you update it, or at least attempt to!” WoW! I didn’t expect someone with such a great blog like his to read a blog just like mine!!!

But he also said what he hates in my blog, too: “What I hate about it though (and I hope you will take this as constructive criticism) is your use of improper English like “2” instead of “to” and “4” instead of “for” and “u” and “ur” etc, I’m sure you understand what I am getting at.”

OK, maybe he has a point about that… I use these things when I am in a hurry, and don’t want the ideas in my head to run away, but maybe it’s time to change to the “real thing” and use full words, because they are – as he described – “are very tired when people are actually trying to follow your thoughts and your articles, some of which are excellent.”

The last word put me up high in the clouds – EXCELLENT!!! – I never though such stuff like these down here are “very good”, then how about “EXCELLENT!!!” I used this blog as an area to empty my head but… Never thought they’re too good! Man!!! Thanks!!!

“Believe me you will get a lot of readers who will pay attention to what you attempt to say when you drop these tired acronyms” sure will do! “(what the hell is MGBWY you always sign off with?)” It’s May God Be With You (for those who don’t know that out there!!!) “And the numbers-for-words and other unneeded abbreviations!” Got it!

“Again, I am a fan and hope that you will take this as advice. Best regards”
😀 A FAN OF MINE?? OH COME ON! Not that much Mahmood you are embarrassing me! 😛

Fan of my blog??? I didn’t think one day someone like you Mahmood would ever say something like that about my blog – I am on the top of the moon! 😀 – And about this advice: I’ve already started stop using those acronyms. Soon inshallah there will be major changes here in this blog. Stay tuned!!!!!

OK, thanks Mahmood for this unexpected push! Take care everybody & May the Lord be With You! 😉

The Japenese Project of Ending Hunger in the World

The Japanese R up 2 a project of ending the hunger in the world by making special paper w/ pix of food printed on, in which the food can be “extracted” from that paper. Like if U have a picture of Baryani U can “pull” that dish of Baryani right out 2 Ur dining table. The Japanese have reached a segnificant level where they can actually put hamburgers out of paper.
Believe me not? Watch this video! They REALLY crossed the line in this 1!

Ahlia University Induction Day / Day of Honor

… ‘3abgha ta3arof le8a2 b2awliya2 el omoor… EVERYTHING (multi purpose event. 2 take pix 2 C ppl w/ good clothes on. KIL SHAY!) El mohem, Every1 was there, all Docs and – ofcourse – our President Prof. Abdullah Al-Hawwaj

I recieved 2 certificates & a Golden Star Trophy (like the 1 displayed below). Also made a speech:

Really proud of that throphy 😉 my 2nd trophy after “The Student of the Year” from NSBS (my old high school 😛 )

WoW! 1 helluf a night! Even the President’s wife remembered my name from last year’s. “Hi Qasim How R U doing???”. I was slightly shocked when she mentioned my name! But had lots of fun! Dooom inshallah! 😀

I just came back, and I am so tierd, so that’s all what I could write! 😛 got alot of things 2 do 2morrow so, TC &…


I… Graduated! :-D

Let the image talk!!! (I was talking while the pic was taken)

C me on BTV, everyday in Ahlia University advertisment just b4 fa66oor!

Sometimes what seems is different that what it really is 😛

Oh, BTW did I menstion this is my 1st pic-log here in this log? Now U know it! 😛

Another day in Ramadan…

“… In order 2 get funding 4 Ur magazine, U’ll have 2 explain 2 the University’s management WHY U need 2 make a magazine of Ur own, and WHAT R U going 2 put in it… WHERE is it going 2 be printed… WHEN is it going 2 be ready… And finally – most important of all – HOW MUCH is it going 2 cost us… U know Qasim this thing is not a game and it should NOT touch the reputation of the University @ ALL COST… Don’t put the Students’ complains because that might give a negative idea of our University 2 the outside world (yeah, like we R flawless 😛 ) and as U know, POLITICAL STUFF R OUT OF QUESTION!!!! And about the website U R intending 2 do as well, previous questions & warnings apply on the website as much as they apply 4 the magazine. Every1’s names has 2 be shown clear and understandable (Sir, believe me, it’s not 1 of Ur student’s hand writing!!! 😛 ) All of those have 2 be applied CASE-SENSITIVE (not even by word, CASE 😀 ) and any false thing U do will have a great penalty on the 1 in charge (who is me 😛 ) Clear??? Good! have a nice day Mr. Qasim!”

I walked out of his office w/ a great headache in my head. “It’s just another day in another Ramadan”. I walked 2 the library where I tried 2 solve the ITCS 303’s assignment but I couldn’t understand the questions 2 solve the answers. I remembered 2 call 3abbas 2 check about the prices for printing a magazine, and again and again he swears that he didn’t forget about the issue “but he was so busy 2 ask, although he works there!” since last week…

And again and again I pass by Dr. Hilal 2 get his article 4 the magazine – but hey! He forgot the whole thing! He promised me 2 get it ready by 2morrow “We’ll C! I said inside myself 😛 “. Am I the only 1 who doesn’t forget 2 do his tasks?!?!??? Or is it… Just another Ramadan day 4 me & the others????

Even if U remember 2 do Ur tasks, there’ll always be those who would “measure Ur work by millimeters” and try 2 find the smallest flaws 2 get start all over again, which causes U 2 have headache, cursing all the day and wish Urself that U didn’t start that thing right from the very beginning… No time 2 rest @ home with all those assignments, tasks, preparations & up-coming quizzes along with Ur social commitments: Hey Qasim, where have U been?! We didn’t C U all Ramadan?! Where did U hide? Don’t U like us?! 9ayer metkaber!!!!! 😛

Well, it’s Ramadan anywayz right?! We have 2 enjoy Ramadan. On the other hand Ramadan has a spiritual magic that U don’t find anywhere else. Most of the time U don’t care whether U R hungry or not, or even in the aid of a glass of water or anything else… It’s that feeling that makes U hyper all day and happy all night, no matter what others try 2 do 2 make U lose such feeling…

It’s Ramadan, isn’t?! I love Ramadan!!! 😉