Alive, just to see another day…

Today, the members of the Techno-licity Committee and I were suppose to have lunch in Chilies at 1 pm to celebrate the Committee’s establishment, and completing the Committee’s first wave of projects: the release of Ahlia Message‘s 1st issue, and Ahlia Students Website. I prepared for such lunch since the middle of last month by SMSs, e-mails, phone calls, and personal invitations: Rashid; we’ll be having lunch at Chilies at this time in this day at such place, looking forward to see you there! Don’t be late man, 1 pm sharp! Hi Seham, remember Eid’s, the lunch I promised you to have after issuing the 1st issue of the magazine?! Here it is! The 15th of January, 1 pm at Chilies. Tell the other girls OK? See ya! Man what’s up? This is Q, Next Sunday 1300 hours SHARP, Chilies Seef, yo coming?! That’s great! Meet ya there! TC… and so on…

Finally, out of 14 only 3, yes 3 as THREE came up. Our photographer who had his camera ready to have a group picture for all of the Committee’s members, and a poor guy I really respect after today, because he came all the way from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain only for this lunch and he had to go back directly because of a friend’s birthday this evening. And the funny thing is that those two were the ones who called me last night saying that they may not come because they have stuff to do, but instead they were the only ones who showed up.

I woke up this morning upon the news of the death of Kuwait‘s Ameer, Shaikh Jaber Al Subah, and the 3-day holiday issued for all government establishments and ministries here in Bahrain. I started re-checking the guys for the forth time this week. The 1st guy I called said he’s going to Qatar later today. I was like “But you didn’t say that so previously?!” “Sorry man but it’s urgent, I am really sorry, hope you all have fun! Gotta go!! Bye!!!” K OK, it’s only Rashid! One not coming wouldn’t harm…

Khalid: sorry Qasim, I promised the kids to go out and have lunch with them, reeeeaaaaally sorry man, but today is an unexpected holiday and my wife is killing me to get her out for lunch with the children (sh*t I forgot!) heard him whispering… WHAT DID YOU SAY? Oh oh nothing, man; believe me I’ll make it up for you! Take care!!! Hi Qasim, the girl that was suppose to pick me up here won’t be able to do so, I have no way of transportation available. Probably I won’t make it. Enjoy the lunch with the others! Bye!

What others?! THEY ARE ALL wriggling BY MAKING SUCH EXCUSES! That moment I felt like I was struck by a thunder. WHAT THE…? Am I going to end up having my lunch alone here in Seef???? :-S AHHHH! I was planning for this a couple of weeks ago, thank God I didn’t ask Chilies to reserve a big table for 12 – 18 people. It would’ve been embarrassing enough for me not to visit Chilies again for the next couple of months:-P

Thank the Lord those two showed up. I was just about to leave when I got a phone call from them saying they’re on their way, 10 minutes and they’ll be here. We changed our dining place, and head to Aroma instead. The big surprise was when I saw one of the girls shopping with her friends. She admitted her fault explaining “she woke up very late and she was shy to show her face to us after being that late”. Anyways, it was better for us to keep on the male formation and have our lunch in Aroma. We chat, ate, laughed, and had some great fun as it was my first time there. A couple of hours later we had a walk around the mall, and split right after that. We agreed to see each other next Saturday and do that once again. Anyways it passed as a great day, didn’t regret making that invitation and spending that time with Mansour and Mohammed.

But sure the rest will get their share later on, I will not let such thing just pass by. See you later!

(the strange thing is that this post was suppose to be in my blog a week ago!!! But for a reason I don’t have a clue about it didn’t upload although it told me “post published successfully” and I noted that just today! :-S anyways here it is!!)

?!??!? What the H…????


4 about a week and a half, I was connection-less, so I couldn’t blog anything…

Directly after that, I took my laptop to a guy to maintain it, so everything in the C drive went ‘poof’ for about 2 – 3 days…

I put everything in place, worked hard to bring it back as it used to be, and installed that word-blogger extension, and uploaded my topics…

Today I come to see my blog, and NONE of my posts were in place. YES, none were uploaded!

So I was like “who on God’s earth (gave my blog an eye) and everytime I try to do something in I get faced with a problem or something!?”

Anyways, I apologize people… I’ll start posting in blog from now on!

God’s care may be yours!

Me… Myself and MuM!

Dad went to Haj this year. I have to stay at home most of the times so I would take dad’s place and do his duties while he’s out. Of course, I hear those words tens of times a day… “Qasim, do this, Qasim, do that… Qasim go and bring this, Qasim come and take that away… No no no don’t do it this way! I told you to do it the other way! Ahhhhh when would your father come and do it all right?!”

Poor mum I have! She really loves my father sometimes in ways my father himself don’t understand, as she means a good thing but does it in a way one gets it the other way around. It happens to me alot as well, and I start arguing with her until I realizes that she means it differently.

But sitting in front of the laptop most of the time, watch TV and help mum with her shopping tours since the beginning of the holiday started getting kinda boring. Maybe I don’t get to pay for what I buy, but still I wait for the day my dad comes back so I can go freely wherever & whenever I want without the need to put in mind the time I need to pick mum up from here, drop her there, wait for her, carry the bags or whatever else can come across your mind… Being the only son is not easy in such conditions! 😛

Anyways, I think I am getting myself a PSP soon. Although my mum started noting that “you grow up and need these things no more” but stuff like Metal Gear Ac!d 1 & 2, upcoming final fantasy, other RPGs, tactical-games (I love these things! 😀 ) and anything else nice proves that even the old boys get addicted to professionally crafted master pieces of electronic entertainment. Still remember the days I used to play that ancient ATARI 2700 with mum. Those were beautiful days! 😀

Nice… Morning! 😀 Take care! 😉

Happy New Year!

Hi all. Happy new year to all of you! As usual, I spent the moment in which we were transfered from 2005 to 2006 watching Moscow’s celebrations that had a concurrent timing to ours, having a pizza in hand and a coke in another 😛 this time, I count-down & celebrate with my family. We exchanged hugs and kisses right after that.

Wishing this year would be better than the one before. 2005 been kinda rough, with great changes in my life, some were positive and the others were negative…

I read in a horoscope page that the year 2006 for Libra will have “a great bounty for all the efforts made in the last couple of years…”, hoping so!

Keep you in God’s care!

Bye bye 😉