Houfffff! That was a close one!!!

This afternoon I passed by my blog to post something about Prophet Mohammed when all in a sudden an error was shown. When I checked the error type, it said “Template Empty” 😐 WHAAAAAAAT???? I checked my template (the one I worked on for about 2 weeks, which is the blog’s template, color, buttons, images… etc) and… There was nothing!!!! :-O Oh My God!!!!! What happened?!?!?!!??!?! As a last step, I checked my blog and… It was as empty as a white sheet of paper… 🙁

An idea of pointing a loaded gun to my and pulling the trigger passed right through my mind somehow (just kidding 😛 ) because I did not back-up the last version of my template (something to have note about in the future 😉 ) and sat lonely with a sad face in a dark corner… Is it over? Is it all gone once and for all? 16th of Feb. A day to be remembered as a day I lost one of my most important opinion-expression, ideas-storming and diaries-keeping space out of all in this virtual, cyber world???????????????

And while I was shrouded in sadness, misery and depression, I decided to take a final look before I leave this place once and for all. I kept on thinking “what did I do? I didn’t change anything in the blog in the recent period! I did nothing!!! What happend then??? Did Blogger all in a sudden decided to delete all the blogs in it’s custody, or maybe a nuclear attack happend in the States that wiped out Google Inc. and therefore our blogs? (I really don’t think so!!!! 😀 )

Anyways… The Daily Qassooms in bold and a picture of newspapers above it… 😐 :-O 😀 IT’S ALIIIIIIIIVE! IT’S ALIIIIIIIIIIVE! (Nope, it’s not another Frankenstein! 😛 ) MY BLOG IS ALIVE!!! 😀 That sadness became happiness, and I decided then to post this post the way you see it in the place you are loking at! 😛

Wish you a pleasent evening 😉 Gotta go shave and get dressed. Going out somewhere tonight 🙂


My first article in a local newspaper…

“Youth and the freedom of speech in Bahrain” was the first article written by me to be publish in Al Wasat Newspaper. I sent a copy of the article to Al Watan Newspaper but they didn’t give it much attention. A guy I knew works in Al Wasat, so he told me to send it to him. I thought he may not have such interested in the article, but I was surprised this evening when dad called me and told me “You have an article in Al Wasat newspaper, and your picture is “brightening the page”… When did you write this son?! 😛 “

The article was kinda “strong” in it’s content, and had some direct, crook-less questions directed to adults in general, and those in charge for youth matters in specific!

It’s my first article, although I was expecting “The Internet & us” to get published first in Al Waqt Newspaper, but they prosponded the release due to “conditions out of their hands”

Good night 😉

IMing, Movies & my teenage…

I used to be an ace IMer (spelled as I-mer, a person who IMs, i.e. having a real time conversation online) since 1999. Chatting in one of those Yahoo or MSN (at time it was free) chatting rooms, Pal talk, ICQ, Skype, Google Talk and MSN Messenger (my first and most favored) but never liked Yahoo!’s (don’t ask me why :-P). My contact list in Messenger is full, so whenever I want to add an extra contact I have to delete one. I still remember my first contact I added, a girl nicknamed LaMoOs. That was a long time ago, sweet old memories! Chatting with girls wasn’t something I do much these days because I was in a government school (the aim-less No’aim S.B.S. 😛 ), and I wasn’t that type of boys who Mall-flirt in their weekends as well 😉 . so IMing was my only way to get to talk to girls for a young teenager like what I was as all other ports to the outside world were watched by mum, just to make sure her son become “The Best Boy in the World” (Scoring 19/20 were not accepted in Mid-terms at that time according to her standards. Full marks were the only way to assure me that she won’t get angry when I show her my exams’ papers 😛 )

IMing used to – and still – one of the most important online activities sometimes even more important that browsing itself when it comes to social interaction in the cyber-space. At that time the Internet for me was just for fun and making new contacts, not academic and news related as it is now for me. In the beginning I couldn’t dare telling my real name & nationality, so I made up the 15-year old Australian John Marks for MSN Chat rooms (as they all were British & Americans), and I don’t think any of them found I wasn’t what I was claiming… A recent period after that I felt guilty of two things: lying to those people, and acting as if I was ashamed of my own identity. Those I told I was John Marks were not I was Qasim Ahmed. But those I knew later were informed of my real who-I-am… One thing I couldn’t keep track of was time zone changes. Like when someone from the UK asks me about time there in Australia, I always tell a different time difference. Like once I said it’s 1 pm, with a difference of 5 hours, and another I said 8 pm with a difference of 6 hours, so once she asked me: why is there a 5 hours difference and now there are 6 hours? I said summer time difference 😛

Anyways, those were the old days… The old sweet days when we were young teenagers, all those dreams within, all that spirit of finding a better tomorrow and believe life “is more beautiful than what it looks like. We just need to look at it from the right prospective”… Wow! Those were days when hearing a rock song like “Cut my life into pieces” would thin adrenaline into your blood stream, and a nice warm pizza from pizza hut would “made your day” & make you so satisfied that the taste of it stays in your mouth till the next day… Beautiful days they were!!!

So getting a nicely decorated e-mail from a friend with all those pictures and nice words, either to tell you the true meaning of friendship or how addictive love is or even faithful words to get you remember God more often were a great pleasure those days. My inner conscious used to hurt me whenever I delete one of those messages in my small-spaced MSN Hotmail. They never thought of evolving even to a 20 or 10 MBs, unlike Yahoo! that reached a whole Gigabyte of free storage, not mentioning GMail’s 2.7 “and counting” e-mail storage, and none of MSN’s or Y!’s have POP access as well. Shame on them!

Movies were another thing. The day I go to the movies with dad was a day to be remembered, telling my friends about the movie by describing everything happened in the movie from the star and his beloved girl ending with the gun scenes. The smell of popcorn when you first get in the Cinema and the classical music they play before the movie. I used to sit and close my eyes, feel relaxed in that seat with all that music played in the theatre. I remember the first movie I’ve been to was in Egypt, “Sa’eedy in the American University“صعيدي في الجامعة الأمريكية”. I didn’t consider it as the “first movie” as much as the first western movie I’ve seen in a theatre: Armagadon! 😀 I truly loved Bruce Wallace from that movie, and still considered as one of the best movies I’ve even seen in the Cinema. I remember crying “thank God no one noticed :-P” when he died in the end. It had a really touchy end but enjoyed it like hell despite that guy setting next to me with his smell full of Alcohol (yak! :-S). But I remember that the best movie I’ve ever seen and I don’t I’ll ever see one like it was “THE MATRIX” in 1999. Still remembering walking out of the theatre… Like if I was another person. Walking around wondering: am I in a real world, or am I in some sort of a game, a joke or just things are not like what they seem to be?! (the beginning of the theory of conspiracy for me 😛 ) also having that feeling that “one can be THE one, but no such thing as the one-man-army 😉 ”, always imagining myself somewhere else thinking “I may not be really here, maybe I am just imagining that!!!” Teenage movies were an attraction for me. I also dreamt of having a life like those happy-looking full of life teens living the way they want doing whatever they desire no matter of any obstacles they face in which they turn it into a good thing and take revenge in a way they get all their rights back to them, until I realized they’re all dreamy movies resembling “The Great American Dream” nothing more nothing less with no real connection to reality first of all, and “inapplicable” for a society like the one I am living in where one will be considered with such actions “out of the group” and “been corrupted by those bad boys in the street”…

Anyways I don’t want to make it any longer for you, but although I had some tough teenage days full of a teenager’s dreams but I learned valuable lessons that helped me go on my life and face the most pressuring days of my life “high school, in No’Aim S.B.S. :-P” in which I learned some even more valuable lessons ever, helping me in college & my future life.

Good night 🙂

An HoNESt PoEm

Mohammed – A friend of mine – sent me this poem as he requested me to publish it in the next issue of Ahlia Message. I liked the frankness of this peice of poem, so I decided to put it on my blog… All rights reserved to our Buddy! 😛

WrItTeN wItH a PeN
sEaLeD wItH a KiSs
If U r My FrIeNd,
PlEaSe AnSwEr ThIs:
ArE wE fRiEnDz Or R wE nOt,
YoU tOlD mE oNcE, bUt I 4gOt,
So TeLl Me OnCe, N’ sAy ItZ tRuE,
sO i CaN sAy I lUv U tOo
oF aLl ThE fRiEnDz I’vE eVeR mEt,
YoU’rE tHe 1 I WoNt 4GeT!
aNd If I dIe BeFoRe U dO,
i’Ll Go 2 HeAvEn,
AnD wAiT 4 u!
If Ur NoT tHeRe On JuDgEmEnT dAi
I’lL kNoW u WeNt ThE oThEr WaY
I’Ll GiVe ThE aNgElS bAcK tHeIr WiNgS,
aNd RiSk ThE lOsS oF eVeRyThInG!
jUsT tO pRoVe OuR FrIeNdShIp Is TrUe.
I’Ll Go To HeLl 2 B wIt U

Nice night, got a busy day tommorow… Like every other day! 😛

Take care! 😉