I promise…

I promise you my love
I promise you my heart
I promise you my life
I promise we’ll never be apart
I promise not to hurt you
I promise to never make you cry
I promise to always trust you
I promise not to lie
I promise you forever
I promise you tonight
I promise you my respect
I promise to do things right
I promise to always be there
I promise until the end
I promise to always love you
I promise to be your best friend
I promise you my love
I promise you my life
I promise this forever
I promise our LOVE is my life

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Good day! 😉


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XOXIDE.COM is the coolest place on earth (so far, as I didn’t see sites alike as good – still a personal opinion 😛 ) it has.. The coolest cases, tools and whatever you come across – EVERYTHING you need to get your jaws down on the ground for PCs modding.

I am planning to get myself a new PC for my new room in our new house (which is under construction in the moment) and my room is biiiiiiig enough (20″ X 21″, as my dad claims 😛 ) that a Saudi friend advised me to “get married! You have enough room man for three to live in! All you need is a door our and that’s it! You can make it a studio. Dividing it sounds like a very good idea!!! Can I spend a night in your room when you’re done?! 😛 “… Anyways, away from the marriage idea, this rooms deserves an A grade entertainemnt pack, which includes a 7.1 Surround Sound System (yeeeeeeeeeeees, 7.1 😀 ) a DVD player, a DVB reciver (sattelite MPEG 2.0 Digital Video Broadcasting System whatsoeveronthisearth (a.k.a Satelite Reciver 😛 😛 ), in addition to spot lights, sofa, games system… Wooooo wooo easy easy Qasim!!! Where on God’s earth are you gonna get all this money from?? AND WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH THE COOL I.T. STUFF WEBSITE YOU LINKED UP THERE???

… Hmmm… You are right!! What it has to do with PC stuff is… I will INTEGERATE the 7.1 with the DVD player + my gaming system + my internet connection + everything that can fit in an ATX, all-in-one solution…

What do you think of all that, in this:

(directly taken from the website, hope they don’t mind! 😛 BTW the image won’t get bigger when you click on it, java script not inserted..)

Well, I may not be lucky enough to get such case (cause they don’t ship it outsided the US & Canada… Bummer! 😛 ) but I ment that… All of that will be in a single MGE/GX case (or ATX case, depends apon availablity)… YES! A complete entertainment solution that should have EVERYTHING (except for the DVB, too much to be explianed over here) Why??? Cause it’s a money saving solution other than just each component seperated… Consider a Sony 7.1 Home Entertainmet System with a PS3, plus a seperate PC for web browsing, e-mail checking, MP3s blogging watching digital video playing low definition PC games…….. etc etc etc…

Lots of money is needed and all those devices all over the room seperated… Why not use some intellegence and get them all in a nice neat withought all the fuzz and with some cash in the pocket enough – when a little more is added to – to get yourself this:

(32″ Sony BRAVIA TV… Your dreams TV 😀 )

Me want to blog… me want to sleep!

Post an article… One eye down… Me want to blog: me want to sleep… Alright alright!!!! Fa66oom said my blog became “over dusted” and needs an urgent post. She’s with me online now and she’s thinking that not having a post in your blog for about a month due to personal, academic social political whatsoever IS NOT AN EXCUSE and she said she’s za3lana of me cause I didn’t put anything new here…

Well Fa66oom, when you plan for elections, work for THREE, yes: not one, not two but THREE… Well not magazines, a magazine, a section and an article (becoming important lately 😛 ) I got a group to work on for the next elections (elections programs and this kinda stuff) assignemnts quizes exams a gym a major meeting a a a a a a…

The list never ends, neither anything else in this life. Once you’re in, that’s it. Consider it done! Sometimes even before it starts 😛

12:04… The last open eye is closing… Good night! 😉

Read it yourself to know what’s written…

For some while, I forgot I own a blog!

I even forgot that I am a boy who gets back from college in the evening to sit in front his laptop to have another social life other than the one he’s having in college due to the limited free time I have there. On UTs I have a break from 11 => 4 (now extended to 6, one of the Docs propounded the lecture’s time to Wed. for a lecture time of two hours) and I start college on 2 on SMWs… Now you will say you have plenty of time, why there’s no enough time to meet up with people in college? Well simply because I go to Gym. Al-Qosaibi for about 2 hours everyday, except for today…

OK, what’s wrong?

Getting your self a proposal of “The University Student Festival”, becoming a middle-man between Ahlia University & DYS and being assigned as the Head of the Higher Committee (i.e the Head of the Festival itself, being responsible of everything) is expensive, exhausting and nerve-breaking (especially when the University cheats in some points, no need to explain right now :-\ ) When the University says something and does something else that forces you to feel sorry for accepting, no no, for running everywhere trying to convince officials in the University accept your… I mean my proposal. Putting my name down the proposal’s paper that was given to the President, Dr. Abdualla Al Hawwaj made some people angry (!) being in such a good position for the festival made those who “couldn’t fit themselves into the picture” angry as well (!) Those who became angry, are those who tried to get things missy for me to prove… To desperately prove that “this thing is a failure” but not doing there role so things would go against me, in which they failed to do so 🙂 it was costly, hard but I succeeded in proving that they failed even to get the last couple of days of the event…

So..? What’s going to happen??

So far, so good. So far, the University is one point ahead of YDS. YDS are the ones controlling the closing ceremony under the patronage of HH Shaikh Fawwaz Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa. Will YDS score the tie-point in the last minute? Possible!!!

Good night!