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OK, I took a personality test, and look what I turned out to be!!!

I didn’t expect such result to come out… But I have a feeling inside that “what is said is somehow true!”

No more comments about that, the floor is yours!

Good day! 😉

Didn’t believe I was done, now I’m starting it once again…

Today I did not shave. I wore the same t-shirt I wore three days ago I went to the barber shop (I remembered so cause it had some hair inside & outside 😛 ) my hair really sucks as I put some gel in it, slept & woke up with curls & twists (girls call that a bad hair day 😛 ) although I washed it with shampoo three times! I am suppose to go to the gym but feeling not really up to doing it right now… I have a lecture at 3, and it is 11:08 am in this very moment. Oh yeah, I am in the library staring at this very Compaq monitor typing this post in Word before copying it to Blogger (a lesson I learned, believe me! 😀 )

OK, the last semester’s finals were DEADLY. The first exam was THE hardest in my 3-year history in this University. The once after wasn’t a lot better than the one before (as I couldn’t study well for because the first exam really took us down etc etc etc) the third was a glance of hope, the fourth had (no comment) and the fifth wasn’t a bad farewell for my sixth semester here in Ahlia.

Right after that the bells rang again: THE GRADUATION CEREMONY!!! Rehearsals went the day before and the same day of the ceremony. Everything went well, kind of: some behind the stage mistakes but no once noticed (as considered to be “mistakes” by us, but not for the attendance who found everything normal) the President was satisfied although there were some holes here and there, but the overall rating was REALLY good comparing to other Universities graduation ceremonies.

The after-grad party was really nice. Although some people said that Layalina band sucks, but for me it was a change as all the parties I attended before were made live by DJs, but the choice of a band wasn’t bad at all. Before that I went home & changed my suit and wore a “disco-like” white shirt with glitter, a black t-shirt and a black with white stripes trousers. The guys there were really enthusiastic and were really encouraging me to dance. I was done with the party at about 1 am.

Next day, 8 am I was awake. Guess why? Because the summer course starts the day after! 😀 Yeah, the University was suppose to think of it a bit, we’ll give them a party but also tell them to attend classes the day after… Hummmm… Not very “compatible”! 😛 I was waiting for girls in my Mobile Phone Technology patch to sign a paper to get a class in Mobile Technology but they didn’t show up. I decided to attend an ITCS 101 class – remember the old days! 😛 – but… But but but Miss K (name disclosed) “kicked me out of the class”.

I had totally no clue why she did that (as it’s the first time I get kicked out of a class – and it wasn’t mine 😀 ) I asked Miss F (this one as well) said “it’s not of her right to do so. YOU ARE the president of the Students Council, she should have not done such thing” Anyways, I didn’t take it personal or anything. I’ll ask Dr. Nabeel if that’s OK. If not, I’ll attend her next class, and when she tries to kick me out again I’ll tell her “Dr. Nabeel gave me permission to attend this very class” 😀 😀

4 pm, I went to the Academic Guidance Exhibition (made by NDAS & DYS) and took a “vital role” in the University’s stand. 7 pm, back home, finished my prays, 8 pm, went to Jawad food Garden, watched Costa Rica’s match with Poland (1-2, right? 😛 ) ate a pizza with the family and head back home…

OK, the day after (which is today) I could hardly stand out of the bed. Put on my clothes with some gel in my hair and came here. The University is a bit more populated than yesterday…

I’ll go get some fresh air, pray, go to the gym, attend today’s class and go to that Exhibition once again, and by-pass Dr. Nabeel’s office & Dr. Hussain Dhaif’s (for that letter)

Nice day!

An e-mail that I loved!

Not because I am biased to boys or anything, but I loved this e-mail that I’ve recieved this morning from Friends_Bahrain group that I am a member of…

EnJoY 😉

-: The problems with GIRLS :-
If u TREAT her nicely, she says u are IN LOVE with her;
If u Don’t, she says u are PROUD.
If u DRESS nicely, she says u are trying to LURE her;
If u Don’t, she says u are from CHENNAI.
If u ARGUE with her, she says u are STUBBORN;
If u keep QUIET, she says u have no BRAINS.
If u are SMARTER than her, she’ll lose FACE;
If she’s Smarter than u, she is GREAT.
If u don’t Love her, she tries to POSSESS u;
If u Love her, she will try to LEAVE u (very true huh?)
If u don’t make love with her, she says ! u don’t Love her;
If u do!! she says u are CHEAP.
If u tell her your PROBLEM, she says u are TROUBLESOME;
If u don’t, she says that u don’t TRUST her.
If u SCOLD her, u are like a CHACHA to her;
If she SCOLDS u, it is because she CARES for u.
If u BREAK your PROMISE, u Cannot be TRUSTED;
If she BREAKS hers, she is FORCED to do so.
If u SMOKE, u are BAD BOY;
If she SMOKES, she is a GENTLELADY.
If u do WELL in your exams, she says it’s LUCK;
If she does WELL, it’s BRAINS.
If u HURT her, u are CRUEL;
If she HURTS u, u are too SENSITIVE!!
& sooo hard to please!
If u send this to girls, they will swear that it’s not
true..Send it to boys also, which will give them some
laughter …

“Must read every Gal n Guy”

Words to remember for a while
BOYS are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree.
The girls don’t want to reach for the good ones because they’re afraid
of falling and getting hurt. Instead they just get the rotten apples that
are on the ground, that aren’t as good, but easy to get.So the apples at the
top think that there is something wrong with them, when in reality, they are
amazing. That is why we just have to be a little patient find the right
girl. The one who takes a chance to find the good, right apple, will come
Send this to all the boys who know that they are at the top of the tree.

Take care & have fun 😉

Ciao! 😀

In God We Trust… Off we go!

Tomorrow I start my final exams… This semester had been the most difficult ever, so close to survival training, in which I have used most of my survival skills. I’ve been watching Naruto recently (reached Episode 72 😀 ) and got much aspired by the way and the goal this anime is trying to deliver to each viewer… I was even more aspired by Kakashi Sensei who actually did the survival training for Konoho’s 7th Team. I REALLY liked the idea that whatever you do, without true teamwork and without sticking together one can’t succeed, and without sacrifice and self-love-less is the only was that can lead any team to victory…

I don’t mean here group-cheating in exams as some might implement, but instead acting a responsible teamwork. Surely I need his Sharingan to read all those boring books, PDF files, papers and what-ever-things-can-be-written-on stuff…

Each and everyone of you must see that anime. It TRULY thought me something, like of those you learn from a hardly-passed experiences. Meanings of loyalty, sacrifice, love, honor and “losing someone dear” were obviously seen. “This is a prohibited technique, but use it to protect those who are precious to you”… Woow!

Back to study…
In God we trust!

Good night…