Long time no see, people!!!

I left this blog for quite a while. I left many things in my life foe quite a while as well. I have been busy ‘till my nose got wet and I decided to have a compulsory break. I also decided to post an apology to who had been watching my blog since it began and to those who thought this dead is blog. IT IS NOT! 😀 it is just that the owner is busy busy busy, studying studying studying (3 papers in a 2-month summer course… This thing itself is a suicide!!!), work work work, voluntary work!!!! (once they find someone work for them – oh my God, they just throw all the stuff they have on you “Great Qasim!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!” with a BIG smile on their face – once you involve in something with them you get a permanent membership and light-speed promotions!!!!! 😀 ) AIESEC AIESEC AIESEC (it’s nice, it’s cool, and it is the least of the three) all of that in addition of the original commitments I had. Of course entertainment time is over, and even in the short time I have the energy left for me to enjoy it, so straight to bed or stare my eyes on the TV!

OK people, my break time is over and I REALLY would like to entertain myself!!!

Wish you a nice summer holiday, or at least a nice Thursday evening…

Good bye, until another post! 😉