Yet another Friday…

Today is Friday. In Bahrain Friday is the first day of the weekend, as the weekend was changed by the government to be a Friday-Saturday instead of a Thursday-Friday. One of the main disadvantages of such action is that feeling we have not used to yet, having “Thursday is out merry day!” and Saturday as our “ugly, ugly day!!”. Well, other than that, the world is still running nice & smooth, no need to mention newspapers headlines here 😀

This morning, I had a zillion things in mind: Would I get my rest today – at least – like everyone else in the world, and try to enjoy myself a bit after organizing a marvelous Ghabga غبقة last night (I wore a thoub-wo-‘3etra-wo-3gal for the 1st time in my life 😀 😛 It looked great on me!! Will be considered & highly recommended for future events 😛 )

Or… Would I start AIESEC Media Plan PowerPoint presentation for Saturday’s meeting @ 12:30, oh! I remembered that I have a meeting today @ 7! Shout!! OK OK I gotta get myself wrapped up: Brain Storm, Draft, Sketch, implement & Walah!! Get myself psychologically ready for the big presentation! 😀

Or you know what… I didn’t open a single book “officially” since the beginning of the course… I really need to revise what I took over the past 3 weeks. The tests are near and I don’t want my GPA to go down this time. And no need to mention my Graduation Project that I am doing this semester. I am attending a seminar done by Ms. Maria about Graduation Projects How-to and woouh! 😀 I think I’ll get an “I” this semester to complete it the semester after. Absolutely not as easy as I thought! 😛

And above all what’ve been said above, some people think that I’m not as social active as before. Regarding what I just said, it’s a very normal thing! Staying online for more than an hour a day would kill all the free time I would have, and that I need. Staying in college more for to get extra “social time” is also not an option, at least in Ramadan where I stay there until 4:20 PM… Like an hour before Fattoor 😀

Tough life, eh? 😛

Hope to get a reward in the end. I believe I won’t be forgotten by God 😉

May God be with all of us 😉

Take care, and have a nice weekend 🙂