Seen that?

I went to the parlimentary elections a couple of days ago. My area’s election center was so crouded that I waited for 50 minutes to make my vote. Long long lines from outside the center were seen, around 12000 people voted in the presence of (3) counters only. 16000 people were allowed to vote… And around 85 ~ 90% of those voted for a simgle person…
The details are here:
Cheers!!! 😉

Why I’m not blogging anymore?

In the past few days, I’ve not been blogging as I used to a year ago. Wanna know why?
First, I worked really hard on a “skin” for my blog that contained buttons & links from all over the web, & worked harder to make sure everything was proper & in place. After doing something I did (don’t remember now) all this “pouph!” disappeared!!!
A plug in in MS Word that I used to use (but not anymore) made me lose tons of posts because of a “technical failure”. Saved drafts of some very, very big posts were also “trimmed” to less than 1/10th of it’s size…
I have no freaken idea of what happend that made Blogger delete my posts!!!
And last, but not least is when I switched to Blogger Beta. THAT is when I lost my archive sice September, so all the posts of October & November were simply… Lost!
Leave the conclusions for you…
Have a nice day!