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… Now what?

Freedom Pictures: Season’s Biggest Movie:

… And DEATH to his executers!!!

Next Season: Hit of the year:
Middle East, Bloody Middle East!

Trailers coming soon…

Nice night…

Yahhoo! Ahlia 3D Virtual Tour is here!

After months & months of learning curves, trial-and-errors, technical failures, data loses & other stuff if I know they would happen I wouldn’t have started at the very first place, but here we are: AHLIA UNIVERSITY VIRTUAL TOUR IS HERE!!! My final project for MultiMedia Authoring II is armed-and-ready, my very first 3D project and my greatest, played with Vangelis Excaliber!!!! 😀

Ladies & gentlemen, I here present, Ahlia VT 3D…

Ma Arabic blog is ON!

Hey people! How are you doing??? I created an Arabic blog that has all my articles that I wrote in Arabic & were published either on paper or online (but mostly on newspapers & magazines) owned by other people. This time I hosted it on WordPress.com instead of BlogSpot.com (one of the reasons is posted here, in this blog 😛 )


(Same address here, but with double Os, not 3 😀 )

Have a nice day & take care!

May God be with you people 😉

Happy new year 2007 ;-)

2006 was one of the roughest years in my life & the most radical. Every year that passes in my life is more diverse than the one before it… 2003 was the beginning of the turmoil. 2004 was a “big bang” for that who was once a teenager & now a one year older adult.

2005 was the “reality lived” by me. & guess what… 2006 was the big shock!!!

Since 2003, until 2006… The world completely, 180 degrees changed in my mind!

Much of what I thought was the good turned evil…

& much of what I thought was evil… Turned out to be made so by what I thought was “good”.

Many bright things, & even more beautiful images I had in mind, many dreams & more “hopes for a better tomorrow” simply faded in those 3 years. I started living on hope that I may be the factor of positive change, & pray God everyday to grant me the power to do so.

Many nice things turned out to be very hard to get, & needs patience in the time I was afraid of losing, or simply discovered that only by having something you reach happiness, but also but having many other factors all together happiness maybe achieved if the surrounding conditions allow such thing…

I also discovered in my journey for happiness that nothing satisfies a human being, as we gain something we must scarifies something else in return. Therefore, we never “get more” of what we want, but instead “change what we have” to something different not considering what we lose in return. So as a final result, whatever & with what amount we have, we must ask for more, not because we’re greedy, but because we’re human beings…

That’s why I discovered that contentment is the most important & the most precious treasure one MUST have to have a happy life. We also should not be affected very much by what others say, because what we do is automatically, naturally done by us to best suit our conditions…

Don’t wana make it longer for you… But as a final word don’t take all what I said with negativity… We were made on this earth by God so that we fight, fight like there is no tomorrow! Fight with your best efforts & believe what you did was your real best… Everything else is left for greater powers than you to decided what you did was worth having an effect or not… Fight as it’s the rest you pay for staying alive on this earth… Fight in what you believe in & what is good against we believe is harmful & bad for others & us, as we should also consider other’s rights & battles. No one would like to see his work being destroyed by others, unless we revise ourselves again & found that what we did was destroyed because it harmed some other people 🙂

That’s why, I decided to take the path & the spirit of a warrior & believe that the only thing I fear is the God up above me.

Good night