Ladies & Gentlemen,
I announce with great pleasure,

that a friend of mine is finally done with his latest Computer Game,

The greatest, and the most anticipated,

C R A Z Y B A L L 2

This game is a real pride, as the first 3D platform game developed by a Bahraini student – in a private University – inside Bahrain 😉

Needless to say, a very well-worked-on game that deserves a golden star for a young Bahraini student who did it all by himself…

No monetary support or even a “push” from others, just a product of long lasting, hard worked nights…

To know more, download the game & play it yourself!


Watch the movie yourself 😉

Cheers! 😀


First… Hi everyone.

The last time I blogged here is dated… Long time ago..

The main reason I did not post here – in this blog – since that date is that I’m currently taking care of my Arabic Blog, posting, doing reasearches, copying articles from other blogs & websites – and of course linking back to the resources – a “proffesional” approach to blogging, in my opinion.

I really miss “personal posts” & “typing down my diaries”, but, I don’t have as much time as I used to. Before – in the time I had this blog open – I had so much free time that I could post 3 posts a day – without any trouble of consuming time for other activities – but now… The story is different…

Once you get involved in something, you start sinking in such thing as others see you useful, they start asking more of you, that they “offer you becoming the President, but asking for everything in return” 😉

See that counter up there? Well, it’s not very realistic. Freedom can not begained just by finishing college, but actually you start another life & go in that “circule” once again. As the Lebanese saying quotes: “he who is born, he who is stuck!” as the moment you are born you have to listen to your parents & be nice with them, then you get in to the kindergarden, then school, then you must get good grades, then get into college, then get a job then get married then get children, raise them, give them food, shelter, education & then get them married, see your grand children, grow older until the you die, and before that you will be out of power to anything “freely”.

Well, I’ll see what I will do with my commitments, intending to “reduce them” gradually, naturally & slowly…

Take care everyone & may God be with you all 🙂

Bye bye & have a nice day! 😉