B-day Boy! :-D

The day before yesterday was my birthday (technically speaking, it’s the day before yesterday… It’s 1:42 here! 😀 )

My life went into a roller-coaster since my last year in college and my personal life got “locked up” since I started my current job as an IT Admisntrator in Ahlia University, Admission & Registration Office (Didn’t I tell you about that? 😛 Well, I didn’t go “that” far anyways 😀 )

Back again… My life was kinda “dark” since the last 3 months as it started to “shrink” since… Last year, almost 😀 it’s been a down-going curve like a heavily bleeding person who’s about to run out of blood any time soon. Things were not in my favor since a year ago (started loosing too many things I used to love & used to be VERY dedicated to, like this blog (a), AIESEC, Students Council activities, TV, Internet, Browsing, free reading and many many others) and when I got a job I used to work from the morning till 7 pm in an unusually hectic atmosphere, full of work almost none stop in a (zero-creativity) environment… Get back home and the best thing I can do then is pray, have a quick meal, take a bath – in best cases – watch TV for some little time and the next thing I know is that the next morning came when I tried to “comfort my head on the pillow”, start the same cycle the day after, the day after, and the day after 😀 Sometimes when I get an overloaded day, sleeping with the work-clothes on wasn’t optional, but something I couldn’t help myself prevent due to the extreme condition I reach, no energy even to take off my clothes! 😀

I used to attend weekends as well, not all but 2 Saturdays per month. No time to rest, that is. Too little time to enjoy. We, in the Admission & Registration Office, are 6 full-time staff handling a University of 1500 students… Sheeeeeesh! Why is the University not hiring more staff & move us to a bigger place? A question that truly needs an answer… The only thing that prevents me from leaving this job is not the salary or the position, but those hard-working 5 musketeers in the A&R Office who sacrifice their health, personal life, enjoyment & a better position to serve their fellow students, believing that leaving such place will lead to nothing but a great chaos in the University. Somehow, I took their lead & decided to stay, for my colleagues & friends who are still students in the University 🙂

OK… What does these have to do with my birthday? 😀

Nothing really… They pumped up in my head while I was writing this article… Actually not “nothing at all” but the good news are that my “body, mind & soul” have miraculously – with the help from God by arranging some nice events & co-incidents – to be able to reach what I have reached these days of mental stability. I am now more able to control myself and the amount of tiresome I get – especially after the registration-crisis period of those 1500 students, 2 weeks in a row already of no-go-to-the-toilet-at-work (being in the Holy Month of Ramadan helped that as well 😀 ) serving long, long queues of students, parents and “just-wana-ask” people, with phones ringing none-stop all the time, no food or drink while fasting with dry mouths and hardly-concentrating heads.

Somehow I was able to see some light at the end of the tunnel, not by a real thing coming, but with some energy after deciding to do the things I like once again after I left them for sometime. This night, after meeting with my fellow BU-MUNers at the GOYS Science Center, I felt as if I am the same old Qasim, even better than the same old Qasim… A STRONG same-old-Qasim, with a stronger will and an enhanced personality, tougher and willing to do the work… Respected more by his friends and feel happier between them… Able to do the joke and have everyone laughing, turning more heads with his strong presence in the hall… An important element in which he chosen by default in any voluntary situation, but in the same time feeling that him being the King does not posses any type of undesired pressure that I detest, but actually having the task flow easily between my brain cells and the organs in my body… Such a feeling that leads to ecstasy when mixed with hope… That fake “high” that stays with you all the time as long as you “believe” that things were always as good as they are now, forgetting all other disappointing factors, and concentrating on myself being somewhere in a “virtual heaven” that exist in dream -world, at least assuming that things are back as to what they were before I started “falling”… That’s good enough for me!!!

Tonight made my day. Happy birthday wishes made my birthday with all the gifts I got from my friends (Thank you! I know you are reading these lines now 😉 Thanks again!!!)

I love you all! It’s been wonderful meeting you all these years 🙂 No… I can’t imagine how things would be if I didn’t 🙂

Thanks again… I’ll never forget that all my life, dudes’n’dudets! 😀

Thank you all!

Thank you! 🙂

Good bye 🙂