Doodles & Sketches

Today I have been sketching & drawing on a piece of paper more than any other day at work this year. Many thoughts have been going into my mind, represented in the lines & sketches I drew on that notebook beside me. Mostly random, but many of them contained questions & statements without a direct answer to those questions. Not sure whether these have something to do with leaving 2Connect, applying for Masters abroad & finally deciding to start a goal-oriented life afterward: getting a proper job (or even starting my own business), get married from a girl with a pretty look, good reputation & high morals.

People around me have been nagging on me to get married since 2007: when are you gonna get married? You are old enough! Most of your colleagues got married already, when are you gonna do the same? Hey man, you’re next!!! That Dia’a friend of yours when you were at Primary School have 2 children already!!!!!!!!!! Look at that gray hair on your head! (yes, I DO have some gray hair on my head, genetically inherited from Dad… Don’t worry, you may have not noticed it if I didn’t mention it here). See that girl! She’s related to your aunt’s husband brother, isn’t she pretty, don’t ou have any intention to propose to her? (I talked with her before as a colleague, and guess what: the answer is – politely – no 🙂  ). You missed that girl! She’s getting married tonight, she’s soooooooooooo wonderful, with great morals AND she’s from a well-known family… I told you before to go ahead & propose… But see, she is getting married from another man!!!!

PEOPLE… I MUST AT LEAST SPEAK WITH THAT GIRL, GET TO KNOW THAT GIRL, (INTERACT) WITH THAT GIRL… THEN… The final decision would come to public: NEVER try to suggest “a” girl without finding a method for me to do the actions I previously talked about… AND – MOST IMPORTANTLY – NEVER GIVE THE IMPRESSION THAT I WOULD MARRY HER RIGHT AWAY AFTER THAT: maybe I simply won’t… Maybe I wouldn’t like her… Who knows? Just a decent way of talking, chatting,  going together to a restaurant, movie, maybe even “cook” with her… Any sort of activity would be great, BUT without any promises in advance! It’s like being a friend with that person 1st, know how that person acts & reacts, what taste that person has what are the dos & don’ts, she’ll get to know me more, & she’ll be able to project a better picture of my own self! 🙂

People, I SHOULDN’T announce engagement