Why I’m not blogging anymore?

In the past few days, I’ve not been blogging as I used to a year ago. Wanna know why?
First, I worked really hard on a “skin” for my blog that contained buttons & links from all over the web, & worked harder to make sure everything was proper & in place. After doing something I did (don’t remember now) all this “pouph!” disappeared!!!
A plug in in MS Word that I used to use (but not anymore) made me lose tons of posts because of a “technical failure”. Saved drafts of some very, very big posts were also “trimmed” to less than 1/10th of it’s size…
I have no freaken idea of what happend that made Blogger delete my posts!!!
And last, but not least is when I switched to Blogger Beta. THAT is when I lost my archive sice September, so all the posts of October & November were simply… Lost!
Leave the conclusions for you…
Have a nice day!