Tonight I had nothing to do and my dad was in a friend’s house. When he got back he proposed me to go to Riffa just for a change. I agreed and got into the car and started chatting with each other about college & other stuff…

When we reached Riffa we noticed that “Ramadan’s Festival” done by the Southern Governorate. Big tents with people around it buying stuff, others selling food & sweets, and children playing & running all over the place.

My dad & I decided to get into those tents to see what was going on. The moment we reached the door of the first tent a Yemeni guy stood in front of us with a face empty of emotions and a big moustache saying: “THIS IS ONLY FOR FAMILIES”. I got offended!!! My dad took it easily but my face’s expressions changed. DO I & DAD LOOK LIKE WE WANNA FLIRT INSIDE OR SOMETHING? Or is that area ruled by Saudi Arabia & he’s one of those “Al Amer Bil Ma3roof wal nahy 3an el monker”???? Who would ever THOUGHT Bahrain would end up like that one day?!?!?! Anyways, my dad tried to make it easy for me: “Worry not my son! We’ll try another door!” And he went to the other door where he explained to the other Yemeni guy that we came alone and we didn’t know about that “families” (with two fingers down! 😛 ) and we’ll be grateful if he let us in! He looked right & left and let us in! My blood presser got normal again! The only things in were either clothes, more clothes, baby clothes, women sleeping clothes, beauty stuff, kitchen stuff, dinning room stuff, spices… etc (mainly things for the bed room & the kitchen; women specialties stuff!! 😛 ) Minutes after we headed out as we didn’t find anything of our interest 😉

Well, I REALLY wish that what we encountered was due to the area of where the exhibition was located, not a change in the policies of our current “Family Tourism” (as our Saudi friends call it in their country), so that if you don’t have a girlfrie… Ooops I mean a wife, mother sister or a daughter you are not allowed to go in!

May God be in our aid!

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