I… Graduated! :-D

Let the image talk!!! (I was talking while the pic was taken)

C me on BTV, everyday in Ahlia University advertisment just b4 fa66oor!

Sometimes what seems is different that what it really is 😛

Oh, BTW did I menstion this is my 1st pic-log here in this log? Now U know it! 😛

http://qassoom.me/cv ;-)
  1. lool.. I WANNA SEE THE AD!
    maybe you should vlog it for us!

  2. Any1 have an idea of how 2 Vlog??? I don’t know how! 😛


  3. alf mbrook! all the best. i will definitely keep an eye out for your ad tomorrow

  4. Allah ybarik feek! It may not be tomorrow bas hope it appears ASAP (They are showing last year’s)

    May God be With you!

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