Mahmood’s Letter to Me

This evening I received a letter from Mahmood (the owner of Mahmood’s Den). In the letter he said that “I like your blog and read it whenever you update it, or at least attempt to!” WoW! I didn’t expect someone with such a great blog like his to read a blog just like mine!!!

But he also said what he hates in my blog, too: “What I hate about it though (and I hope you will take this as constructive criticism) is your use of improper English like “2” instead of “to” and “4” instead of “for” and “u” and “ur” etc, I’m sure you understand what I am getting at.”

OK, maybe he has a point about that… I use these things when I am in a hurry, and don’t want the ideas in my head to run away, but maybe it’s time to change to the “real thing” and use full words, because they are – as he described – “are very tired when people are actually trying to follow your thoughts and your articles, some of which are excellent.”

The last word put me up high in the clouds – EXCELLENT!!! – I never though such stuff like these down here are “very good”, then how about “EXCELLENT!!!” I used this blog as an area to empty my head but… Never thought they’re too good! Man!!! Thanks!!!

“Believe me you will get a lot of readers who will pay attention to what you attempt to say when you drop these tired acronyms” sure will do! “(what the hell is MGBWY you always sign off with?)” It’s May God Be With You (for those who don’t know that out there!!!) “And the numbers-for-words and other unneeded abbreviations!” Got it!

“Again, I am a fan and hope that you will take this as advice. Best regards”
😀 A FAN OF MINE?? OH COME ON! Not that much Mahmood you are embarrassing me! 😛

Fan of my blog??? I didn’t think one day someone like you Mahmood would ever say something like that about my blog – I am on the top of the moon! 😀 – And about this advice: I’ve already started stop using those acronyms. Soon inshallah there will be major changes here in this blog. Stay tuned!!!!!

OK, thanks Mahmood for this unexpected push! Take care everybody & May the Lord be With You! 😉 ;-)
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  1. I’m glad that you’ve taken the advice as it was meant! Good luck with your blog and I will continue to enjoy your posts.

    Looking forward too to the new design.

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