One Small Post

While cleaning up my website, updating the pages in, I have noticed that I didn’t write a blog post in… Years! Obviously the reason behind that we now have Social Media… Social Media that have been devouring our conscious, senses, time and mental capacity so that we have no energy to do anything else online other than paying our bills and maybe checking some important information here or there.

Social Media is the real productivity killer and the greatest time waster in the 21st century. The thing is that people are not willing to read blog posts anymore, they want something short, quick and that can be concluded in less than a minute: anything longer than that would be ignored and skipped after the 0:59 mark. People nowadays hate long paragraphs, and youngsters DON’T have ANY sort of patience to read and get valuable knowledge, unlike the rubbish information they get from Social Media!

Social Media have been used by agencies and governments worldwide to manipulate Public Opinion, Spy on People and last but not least to drive you, me and everyone there from having a clear idea of what’s really, really going on…

I won’t make this any longer, I just hope this gets read by an understanding person one day who would look back and see how different things were 10 or even 20 years ago.

Peace! ;-)

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