Saudi and the Ditching of the Mutawas

Just a crazy thought,

After forsaking the Religious Elite by the #Saudi Authorities, the potential candidate to take control over such group would be #Iran. Lack of funding would make them look for a sponsor as they would currently live on individual contributions (that would grow scarce overtime with the economic shift in KSA).

And who would be more ready?

I don’t see additional terrorist attacks in the region but more of a change in the regime towards the one with more influence. Dividing Saudi Arabia? Possible but not certain. Quick changes in a short period of time can have CATASTROPHIC results. The Army itself will not be able to hold everything together, what will happen is something like the Green Movement in Iran but with less tolerance by Saudi Authorities!

This might be seen within a decade from now as all the money that would be spent on them locally and overseas would go to development projects within the Kingdom.

The missing victory in the recent wars waged by Saudi contribute towards such power shift in the Middle East and Islamic World, and eventually the World as whole.

Change in the regime in Iran? Only if China and Russia had a dramatic change in their governments (Putin along with the old USSR Guard goes down, same with the Guards of the Communist Party in China from a Political point of view, Shanghai Cooperation Organization from an Economic perspective).

Just a crazy personal analysis… ;-)
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