THAT was funny!

Look what I got in my e-mail! 😀

Houston, February 2nd, 2009



General Manager

It is our pleasure to congratulate you for obtaining the most prestigious Business Award in the world, “THE BIZZ AWARDS 2008.” This honor will be given to your company, for being one of the best companies from your country.

This award not only acknowledges business excellence but also distinguishes the magnificent leadership from successful businesses leaders like you.

This luxurious ceremony will be held on April 1st, 2009 at 8:00pm in the only seven stars hotel in the world, the BURJ AL ARAB located in the city of Dubai. The event will take place during a glamorous gala dinner that we would prepare for you -only like you, as world leaders, deserve.

It is important to inform you that as a winner, you will be eligible for unique benefits: presentation of awards to your company and its directors (trophy, medals and certificates) in an unforgettable ceremony; publicity (national and international press campaign as well as inclusion in the book of memories); and the best tools for new business opportunities (WORLDCOB Business network, Business Conventions and events).

Our organization is a worldwide leading business association accredited internationally by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which certifies the integrity and trustworthiness of American companies. In addition, we have as sponsors the most important chambers of commerce in the world. Finally, our best endorsements come from the members of our Confederation which are all top businesses in the world.

An important letter was sent by mail a few weeks ago congratulating you for your nomination. Attached to this letter was graphic material about the Confederation, however, to this date we have not yet received a response. For this reason, we are listing on this letter all the existing benefits. We currently offer an “early bird” special with a closing date of February 12th, 2009. For this reason we urge you to contact us as soon as possible.

I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to look at our introductory video which has some images from our 35 events worldwide.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be expecting your phone call at (713)339-9900 U.S. or your email

As we share the happiness and joy of this achievement, I look forward to congratulating you in person.


Jesus J. Moran
Chief Executive Officer


Address: 2825 Wilcrest, Suite 163 – Houston, TX 77042
Telephone: (713) 3399900, Fax: (713) 3399323 (USA)



1.1 The Bizz Awards 2009 trophy engraved with the winner’s name as the highest recognition granted by World Confederation of Businesses.

1.2 Admission for two people to the majestic gala dinner and award ceremony Bizz Awards 2009 to be held on April 1st, 2009 at the BURJ AL ARAB in Dubai, with an attendance of over 600 guests.

1.3 Excellence in Business Leadership medals honoring the Directors of the winning company.

1.4 Excellence in Business Management medals recognizing the General Manager of the winning company.

1.5 Excellence in Quality Management medals recognizing the Quality Manager of the winning company

1.6 Excellence in Marketing Management medals recognizing the Marketing Manager of the winning company.

1.7 A certificate recognizing the company as a World Business Leader.

1.8 A certificate that recognizes the participant as an Honorary Partner of the World Confederation of Businesses.

1.9 A certificate recognizing the Chief Executive Officer of the organization as a World Leader Businessperson.


2.1 A 1/3 page ad in The Bizz Awards 2009 Memory Book which will include your business profile and a picture of your company representative receiving the award. This book is published and delivered at no charge, with a distribution of 50,000 copies through over 30 countries.

2.2 The rights to use of the award logo, trophy image, photographs, press notes and all of the advertising tools we make available for publicity and marketing in mass media: newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

2.3 Recognition through a press campaign arranged by the most distinguished public relation agencies in your country, thanks to the agreements between WORLDCOB with such agencies.

2.4 A 10 minute interview about your company’s history, achievements, and vision. This interview will be recorded and edited with those of other winners and will be distributed along with The Bizz Awards 2009 Memory Book


3.1 Admittance to the Business Convention EXPOBIZZ which includes Managerial Coaching Workshops, Business Matchmaking and the Business Showcase.

3.2 Membership to the WORLDCOB Business Network. This system can be accessed by a username and password that will be assigned to you as soon as you confirm your registration. Through this network you can contact other businesses and schedule a meeting at EXPOBIZZ.

Now… “The Daily Qassooms” is Bahrain’s top firm that won International recognition and shall be honored in Dubai’s Burj Al-Arab…

Wow! 😀 😀 😀

Cheers! 😀 ;-)

  1. not just u dude. I got the same too! And god knows how many more… Has anybody personally contacted you?

  2. Nope… Not really!!!

  3. I also got it – and my Company is in fact a practically dormant startup!
    The ‘award’ really cannot be much value at all – I think it’s just a scam to get people to pay hotel fees, and someone makes a commission.
    Making little statuettes to ‘honour’ the recipients is a small price to pay in exchange for a great hotel bookings rate!

  4. I have been contacted by phone and by mail… now several times a year for the last 3 years. Don´t know what to do to stop them.

  5. They won’t stop! I am writting from El Salvador, we already told them we are not interested (when they call by phone, we have never answered their mails), and they keep on writting. I guess more than a few companies fall for it. I know some big names like Telefonica and Unilever have already been taken for a ride. Funny thing is they have a clean record at their BBB in Houston, I guess people are to ashamed to comlain.

  6. We operate out of Nigeria and have also got the same email – this time the award will be in Houston. Is it not ironic that someone is trying to scam a Nigerian Company?

  7. Hi Kunle:
    Cool comment about Nigeria! I am the guy from El Salvador in the previous comment.
    They keep on sending mails, asking us to “trust” their organization and to accept the award.
    The ceremony is in a Hotel just a couple of blocks away from my house, I’ll go have a couple of drinks that night just to check who fell for the scam!

  8. I also happended to recive such email, but after researching I found an article (trying to search again and post the exact link) on web portal , which saved my hard earned funds, I advice everyone to be alert from such cheaters.

    –Shravan Kumar

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