CurrencyConverter, my first Android App!

Finished an Android Programing course from ThinkSmart, funded by Tamkeen.

Android Programing CertificateStarting with a quick introduction to Java (reviving the knowledge of University days) what I came out of this course was an app that I made that converts certain currencies to each other.


Not yet published to the market for download, my first Android app “CurrencyConverter” is here, allowing the user to convert certain currencies via Google’s Finance API, that looks like

“” + fromAmt+ fromCurr + “=?” + toCurr;

A direct request to Google to convert the given currency online.

If you are interested in getting the code for such app, just post that as a comment!

I have already signed up for the advanced course for Android. We’ll see what we’ll end up with that course!

Cheers and take care!!

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