I became a Certified Ethical Hacker

After 10 days of extensive course attendance at ProCloud Bahrain and 10 other days of extensive study, I was able to get my Certified Ethical Hacker Certificate after 20 days of doing the exam.

I received a mail notice on my door asking me to head to the post office to claim an mail post. I got this post bag with the following documents

Qasim's CEHv8 Envelope in hand

Qasim's CEHv8 Certificate and Letter on table

Qasim's CEHv8 CertificateQasim's CEHv8 Cretificate LetterI consider this to be a remarkable certificate as the first Technical Certificate since 2009. What I wanted to see more in the course is a deeper implementation of the Linux Operating System in the form of Backtrack or Kali as the Linux environment is more suitable for hacking than Windows.

I recommend ProCloud Bahrain for your IT Security Training needs and requirements. I do have intentions to take this further with C|HFI and E|CSA and who knows? Maybe an L|PT! Once I am done with Linux+ Certification. Maybe not soon but hopefully in the near future.

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